What kind of job are you looking for?

A Head of IT role at a growth stage, SaaS climate tech company in Boston or remote.

Why so specific?

The statement is narrow by design.

It turns out that it’s easy to expand a concise statement like this to a range of job possibilities. The inverse isn’t true. If I were to provide you a range of titles, industries, and company sizes, I’d be asking a lot more of you. And I want it to be super easy for friends, family, and my professional network to be on the lookout for jobs that might be a fit for me. Thanks to the Never Search Alone process for this insight.

In other words, while my statement is specific, I’m open to adjacent opportunities.

If you’d be open to helping me, you could:

  • connect me with operations / technology leaders at companies that are scaling or getting ready to scale
  • connect me with leaders who aren’t ready to scale, but need to become more efficient with what they have
  • connect me with an awesome recruiter
  • connect me friendly people in the climate tech space
  • pass along job posts aligned with my statement above (or are close enough)
  • reach out and say hello
  • schedule some time for a virtual coffee to catch up

I – and I cannot stress this enough – appreciate you. Thanks for reading this far.

Could you break down the statement?

You might wonder how I composed the statement above and what I mean by adjacent opportunities. Let’s dive in:

  • Role: Head of IT
    • I’m looking to lead corporate IT. Think email, network, collaboration tools, HR systems, finance systems, help desk, business process automation, and integrations. If you’re curious about the kinds of things I’ve worked on, you can check out my portfolio.
    • This could be a first hire in IT where I build the team from the ground up or a role that includes leading existing team.
    • I was a Director of IT most recently, but the specific title isn’t important. It might be IT Manager, IT Director, Head of IT or something similar.
  • Company Stage: Growth Stage
    • I think my skills are most valuable for companies that have a product/market fit and are preparing to scale up headcount or customers. I can make existing operations more efficient and build out new capabilities to support growth and profitability.
    • This usually happens during Series B or Series C funding rounds for VC-backed companies.
    • The problem space usually includes getting new hires productive as quickly as possible and putting systems into place that help the company avoid having to scale headcount linearly.
  • Industry: SaaS Climate Tech
    • My past two companies were in the SaaS space, so it’s familiar and I could hit the ground running. I’m open to other kinds of climate tech companies or non-climate-tech SaaS companies.
    • Climate change feels like the most pressing problem for humanity to solve because of the lead time for impact and the costs of inaction. I’d love to work here, but the market of growth stage companies isn’t big right now.
    • I’m open to other industries, especially at companies with a compelling mission and are focused on social impact.
  • Location: Boston or Remote
    • I currently live in Somerville, MA, which is right outside of Boston.
    • My partner works in Biotech and likes his job. And because he’s lab-based, remote work isn’t an option.
    • We’re open to relocating, but it’s important to be in a place where my partner could have options for companies.